No. I am not crying.

When starting a new sport, you have to purchase lots of stuff. Of course, when I took up cycling I got a new bike. With that bike I got new pedals to go with my new shoes. I couldn’t forget the most important thing…a helmet. (I like my helmet – it is blue and matches my bike. ) Oh, and once the miles started building I had to get those fancy pants with all that extra padding. So, I have it all, right? No. I don’t.

When I am flying down the hills, I often look like I am crying. It isn’t because I am scared, it is because the air is hitting my face – my eyes – and making them water so that it looks like I am crying. So, as I am going downhill, trying to maintain control of my bike, I am also trying to wipe the tears away so that I can actually see the road in front of me. Finding the perfect pair of cycling glasses seems to be eluding me.

The funny thing is, is that up until I started getting serious about cycling, I didn’t care. I wore my big and cheap ($3.99) glasses that I picked up at the grocery store without batting an eyelash. I see all the different kinds of glasses out there, each one better than the next. Each one suggested by friends as being “the best” pair of glasses for cycling. But, what if it isn’t “the best” pair for my face?

Honestly, it is a little overwhelming to even consider getting a new pair. This may sound a bit hyperbolic, but choosing the right pair of glasses is right up there with choosing the right name for your child or the right partner to walk (or bike ride) through life with.

What if I pick the wrong pair? What if I can’t return that pair to try another pair? What if I find a pair that is perfect, only to have another perfect pair walk through the door saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”?

OK. Now I am crying.

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2 Responses to No. I am not crying.

  1. Anne says:

    I am SO stoked for this blog. And yes, it is about time. And this piece was great, so fu and you’re I’m not such a great writer crap. By which I mean to say, LOVE YOU!

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