The White Rabbit

Sometimes during my training I have felt like Alice in Wonderland – I have fallen down a hole and am in a world that is new and different to me. I am in a world surrounded by these amazing female athletes that inspire me every time we are out riding our bikes, running or doing squats at the track in the early morning hours. I am in a world that I didn’t think I would ever be in. While each of these women inspires me, there is one who motivates me to push further than I think I can – the White Rabbit. I am constantly in pursuit of the White Rabbit as I traverse this new and exciting world I have entered. Enter Julie – the White Rabbit.

Really. I am always trying to catch Julie. There are moments, ever so brief, when I am ahead of her, but those moments are fleeting as she flies by me on her beautiful white bike. Aha! It just dawned on me that she has a white bike! Get it? White bike? White Rabbit? It just seems so fitting.

Then again, Julie also has this Cheshire Cat-like grin that she sometimes pulls out right after one of her witty remarks about something we are being “forced” to do by our amazingly wonderful coach, Erin.

I love training with Julie. She makes me laugh when I really need to laugh. She supports me when I need support. She is just as sarcastic as I am. She makes me push myself beyond what I think I can do. I don’t know if Julie realizes how much I appreciate that push…or even if she knows she does that for me.

What is so interesting about Julie’s White Rabbit-ness is that it isn’t competition. I am a VERY competitive person (I have cried after losing Trivial Pursuit), so NOT feeling competitive with Julie – or anyone on my training team – is a HUGE step for me personally/mentally. It is a true sense of camaraderie as we support and help each other on the team to reach our full potential.

So, keep on running and keep on cycling my White Rabbit friend, because I am coming…I am right on your tail.

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