100 in 100

Wanna here something funny? A couple weeks ago my coach mentioned that one of my training partners was doing the 100 sit-ups in 100 days challenge, and suggested that maybe the rest of us wanted to join in. I totally balked at the idea. I mean, come on, that is a HUGE commitment!

What is funny about this whole thing is that I had no problem committing to the five months of rigorous training I have just done. Get on my bike and ride 48 miles? Sure, whatever you say. Swim 120 laps? You betcha! Run 12 miles on a Thursday afternoon when it is 80 degrees out? Okey dokey artichoke-y. Do 100 sit-ups? No thank you.

Sit-ups, burpies, and mountain climbers (all happily included in our boot camp training) flash me back to elementary school when we were forced to do each of them on a daily basis. I sucked at them…still kind of do. So, the thought of subjecting myself to doing 100 sit-ups EVERY day was just too much to fathom.  Plus, I loathe sit-ups.

But, I rethought the whole thing.

Let me make something clear…I love my new body. I have strong, defined legs. My arms are gaining more definition each day. My face looks thinner. But, I can’t seem to whittle away the middle, and it is frustrating me to no end. (I am not saying sit-ups alone are going to make my stomach flatten. I am sure I have to cut out the bread, cheese and wine I love so much. But, if I can get it a little flatter – a little less squishy – while still noshing on the things I love, bring it on!)

So, I am going for it. I am actually a week in and am feeling just fine about it. I am hoping that it becomes a habit. What is it they say about forming a habit? Do something for 21 days straight and it will become a habit. So, hopefully after 21 days it won’t be, “ugh. I have to do my 100 sit-ups” and will instead be “time to do my sit-ups!”

I do have to admit that each day has gotten easier. I was talking to Erin (my coach) about it, and we were saying that 100 sit-ups aren’t really that hard, it is the actually getting down on the floor and doing them that is hard. So, the getting down on the floor has become much easier.

Now if I could only get my dog to stop licking my face the whole time…

Care to join me in the challenge?

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4 Responses to 100 in 100

  1. Josh says:

    I’m game. 100 sit ups a day for 100 days? Bring it on Sather 🙂

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to hear how you do, Josh.

  3. matt says:

    Is that what you’ve been doing? I thought you were just down on the floor playing with the dog. I’m on board with this, I can do it.

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