Happy Feet

We did the cutest little triathlon this morning. We did a 15 minute swim, followed by a 20 minute bike ride, and concluded with a 10 minute run. If only the real thing could be so easy and cute. But, I have this feeling it isn’t going to be easy and I highly doubt it will be cute.

It was less about what we were doing and more about focusing on our transitions.

Here is what I learned…

  1. Arm warmers are very hard to get on when your arms are wet
  2. Toe socks take longer to get on than regular socks when your toes are wet
  3. Sitting down to put your shoes on takes longer than doing everything while standing up
  4. It is faster to not untie your laces – this isn’t something I learned today; I very rarely untie my shoes, but thought I would share that with you
  5. Practicing these transitions did not remove any anxiety about the actual event

I shouldn’t say it didn’t remove any anxiety, as it did remove some and I did figure out what was and what was not going to work.  I now know that my arm warmers are not coming with me. I now know that I either have to take the extra time for my toe socks, or just wear regular socks and risk dealing with blisters during the half-marathon. I have a few days to ask myself what is more important…the few extra seconds it takes to get them on or having happy feet.

For those of you that know me well, you know I don’t need a few days to figure that out…as I have always said, “if your feet aren’t happy, what are?”

My happy feet in New Orleans

I am gonna go with happy feet…well, as happy as they can be running 13.1 miles!

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