Recovery Weeks Suck

I suck at recovery weeks. Well, I shouldn’t say “suck” but I hate them. They make me antsy and kind of crabby. I know they are important components to racing and participating in events, but I don’t do well when I don’t exercise – just ask my family.

I took Sunday off completely. I took Todd for a walk into town on Monday. I was itching for something. Tuesday I went to the gym and did sit-ups (500 to make up for the days of the 100 in 100 that I missed) and rode about an hour on the recumbent bike (AKA the couch). Wednesday I woke up, not feeling too bad physically and went to the gym again – I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike reading my book, and another 100 sit ups.

 I have enjoyed these easy days of walking and relaxing and reading, but I need to get back to the real thing.  It is making me anxious, cranky and kind of crazy. I just can’t stand being so in-active for so many days…and it has only been four!

Tomorrow I am heading out for a short run with Todd – I think that will help. I figure it is a short/easy run, but will also get me out there and actually sweating.

Recovery weeks just don’t work for me. I know they are supposed to help mentally – slow you down from the race/event mentality, but they just make me anxious to get out there and do something.

I find that when I am inactive I am more anxious and have a shorter fuse when it comes to dealing with my daughter, work and life in general. Once upon a time I took medication for these feelings/urges and now I just need to exercise. I will take exercise over meds any day!

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One Response to Recovery Weeks Suck

  1. Mom says:

    I like recovery week, I finally got to talk to you longer then 2 minutes. XXOO Great job.

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