The Seed was Planted

Funny how little ideas get planted in one’s mind…

The other day Joy, the owner of Jill B. Nimble, called and told me that Nimble Training was starting up a women’s marathon training program for the CIM in December. Coach Erin (of Barb’s Race training fame) is heading this group up and can only attend training runs during the day, so they need someone to TLC on Thursday evenings and they thought of me. What do I get for being a TLC? Free marathon training.

Free marathon training? But, wait! I am not training for a marathon. I am not ready to do a marathon. Or am I? I obviously already have a base built…I just ran a half three weeks ago. The CIM would be great first marathon – it is known for being a well attended and fun, fast/flat/downhill marathon…most people PR (personal record) at the CIM. Why not make it my first?

Like most athletic endeavors I have taken in the last 5-6 years, they have come from just a little idea planted in my head…a question and a response of “why not?” Why not do a marathon? What am I waiting for? I have always said that I want to do a marathon at some point in my life. Why not make it this point in my life? Well, I am.

Starting next week, I will be training for the CIM. I am still going to do the half on 10-10-10 (because I am sure the shirt is going to be cool!) and I have my bike ride for MS at the end of September. So, once again, my plate is full and I have several goals to look forward to achieving!

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