Marathon Training Begins

Marathon training officially began yesterday…I missed it. I decided to sleep in, make tea and read a book rather than go to boot camp with everyone else. So, for me, it officially starts today. I am nervous about the whole marathon aspect of the training as a runner, but I am actually more nervous about my role as Team Leader. I know how to coach third, fourth and fifth graders, but my peers? I am not so sure.

Will they be accepting of my feedback or support if I am just a runner like them? What do I know that they don’t? Not much really. But, I do know what it feels like to run a half marathon. I do know what it feels like to doubt your ability as a runner. I do know what it takes to get beyond the fear of the distance and focus more on just doing it and feeling good about what you can do, what you are doing rather than what you can’t do or what you are not doing.

Throughout my running “career” I have helped several people enter into the running world. I am a great cheerleader. So, I guess that will be my role as a Team Leader…I will cheer them on.

I will help them to see that it doesn’t matter whether they are running an eight minute mile, or a 12 minute mile – what is important is that they are out there doing something. They are out there moving toward a goal. And the most important thing is to keep them, and myself, moving toward that ultimate goal – finishing and completing the distance we have set out to complete.

OK. Now that I have figured out the role I will provide, I don’t feel so nervous. We just have to get out there and run!

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2 Responses to Marathon Training Begins

  1. Leslie says:

    Hey Stacie 🙂 I found you via Jo’s blog.. Good for you in the marathon training and all the races you’ve been doing~fabulous! (I was training a year ago for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Tempe, but tore my achilles tendon and had to hang it up for awhile…so decided I’d drop some more weight…to make running less stressful on the body. I am running again..although starting out slow…tough work at my age ☺ ) How’s the fam? Miss you and keep up the good work!♥Leslie

    • Hi! OUCH! A torn achilles tendon! Good for you, though, for getting out there and running! Family is doing well. Luckily, they are VERY supportive of all the training I am doing. Love you!

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