100 in 100…The First 33 Days

It has been 33 days since I started the 100 sit-ups in 100 days challenge. I have stuck to it fairly well. And, if for some reason I miss doing them on one day, I make up for it the next. I think the most I had to do was 500, right after the triathlon, because I took some time off from pretty much everything.

I have found that it gets easier each day to do the 100 sit-ups. I can tell that I am getting stronger. Not only can I tell while doing the sit-ups, but also while running. I feel stronger in my core, which helps my form immensely.

So, my big question is whether or not my body has changed in size in the first 30 days of this venture of mine. The answer, my friends, is yes. It hasn’t been a HUGE change – I am not down a size in my pants or anything – but I have lost one inch on my waist and a half inch from my hips! I would say that is progress in the right direction.

So, how are you doing in the challenge?

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12 Responses to 100 in 100…The First 33 Days

  1. Jessica says:

    I think I may try this. I started the 100 push ups in 100 days while swim training but it killed my wrists. I sure do need something after this baby to help tighten the stomach so this sounds like a great plan. I will be right behind you 🙂

  2. You really should, Jess. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I was going to do the push up thing…did 10 a day for a few days, but didn’t feel like I was making any progress. I have always had “weak” arms…would like them to be stronger.

    Let me know how the 100 in 100 sit-ups goes!

    • Leslie says:

      I have weakish arms too…mostly my wrists. I lift weights instead..and pilates…love pilates.
      Good for you Stacie.. 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        I am a weak wrister too. Can do the pushups but my wrists don’t like it 😦

      • I have that loose skin and untoned muscles too, Aunt Leslie, which is why I am really into doing the 100 for 100…It really seems to be the hardest place for me to tone.

        I was doing 10-20 push ups a day to try to tone my arms a bit, but for some reason got out of that habit. I think I am going to reinstate it.

    • Leslie says:

      I did my first 100 sit-ups today 🙂 99 days of sit-ups to go, 99 days of sit-ups…(to the tune of that beer bottle on the wall song) 🙂 Thanks for the challenge, Stacie.

      • Yay! Welcome to the challenge. Don’t forget to check in with your progress.

      • Jessica says:

        I guess I should get off my kiester (sp?). I will use the excuse that Camille was sleeping through the night until 2 days ago and so the past 2 days have been a dreary haze. If she goes back to sleeping through the night tonight I will start tomorrow.

  3. matt says:

    Oh, wait…..I thought I had 100 days to do 100 sit-ups. I thought it was too easy, I’ve been doing one a day.

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