Thoughts after riding the Lucas Valley Loop

I went for my first long ride since the triathlon yesterday. My Barb’s Race teammates and I did the Lucas Valley Loop for fun. It was a 35 mile ride along the streets of Marin (the roads in Marin county are so much nicer than the road in Sonoma county!). There were hills to climb and hills to ride down (for some reason downhill was a little nerve-racking yesterday).  Anyway, it was great to get out and challenge myself again.

As always, there were the thoughts of how much easier it would be going up the hills on a road bike. However, those thoughts were quickly replaced with, “I am so glad I am not on a road bike because I would probably crash going down this really steep and winding road!” I know that if I really want to continue to ride I am going to have to try it sooner or later…I know I will get used to it after awhile, especially considering I was once terrified of my hybrid!

The other thought, one that often goes through my head, is that if I could just lose these last 15 pounds I want to shed; it will make all the difference in my riding – and my running – and my swimming. Carrying an additional 15 pounds, plus the weight of my bike makes a huge difference. Hell, losing five pounds would make a huge difference!

My goal is to lose at least five pounds by the MS Waves to Wine ride (it is in 19 days). How am I going to do that? By watching what I eat, but more importantly NOT eating ice cream all the time!

The Sathers are lovers of ice cream. So, to help me lose this weight, I have asked Matt and Sunshine to help me, and we are restricting ice cream consumption to once a week. I figure it will be good for everyone to not eat ice cream as much…so it will benefit the whole family. Additionally, they won’t have to deal with me drooling or trying to steal bites while they are eating ice cream in front of me.

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