14 miles and counting

I just ran one mile longer than I have ever gone before. I feel pretty good about it. Scratch that – I feel fantastic about that. Not only did I do it, but I did it well and feel good. I kept going back and forth while run/walking if I could really call what I do “running”…do I always have to qualify what I am doing? Can I just say I ran 14 miles or do I have to say, “I ran/walked 14 miles.” Then again…do I really care? No, not really cause I was just out there dammit!

What was funny about today was that it took me only 10 more minutes to do 14 miles run/walking than it did for me to “run” my PR half marathon. So, even if I wasn’t running the whole time, I did a bang up job!  As Matt said when I was telling him about it, “Now you just have to double it.” (I vomited in my mouth a little bit when he said that.)

Went back out to the Bear Valley Trail today; in case you were wondering, it is still beautiful. Before heading out someone mentioned mountain lions, so I was a little nervous this time going out, until I just told myself, “If it is meant for you to get mauled by a mountain lion today, then it is just meant to happen.”

Sunshine and Flat Stanely on Deer Park Trail in Marin

Yes. They post a “watch out for mountain lions” sign, but my thinking is that they have to; considering I see the signs on EVERY trail I have ever been on. I am not completely naïve and think they aren’t out there, but I am also not going to keep looking over my shoulder thinking ever rustling in the woods in a mountain lion waiting to pounce. I like to think that all the mountain lion wants to do is be left alone, and I have every intention to do just that.

I did see, a bunny, a deer and a whole lotta quail. In fact, the deer was running for awhile ahead of me on the trail before scampering up the side of the hill.

Next week is 12 miles, so that will be nothing…then 17. UGH! I fear that number a little bit. Then again, I have already done 14…so what’s three more?

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2 Responses to 14 miles and counting

  1. First of all…I cannot believe how Sunshine has grown into a young lady! Time sure does fly..*sigh* Sweet picture.
    I am always impressed when I hear someone has run more than 10 miles….and you’ve done 14. Wow!! I have no doubt you’ll do the 17 miler without any trouble. I can’t wait until I’ve pushed myself further than I’ve ever done…but for now I’m still catching up to where I was a year ago… Happy Running!

    • The craziest thing about that picture, is that it is from last spring…she is even MORE of a little lady. I also can’t believe how fast she has grown! As cliche as it is, it really does seem like just yesterday that she was learning to walk and talk.

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