Ending a ride on a flat note…

We went for a ride today. We found someone to watch Sunshine so Matt and I could both go with the group. It is so rare that Matt and I can ride together. We did a portion of the ride we will do in a few weeks. It is a ride I have done numerous times. It is a good ride.

It is funny doing a ride you have done many times before – I know all the divots…I know all the uphills and downhills…there are no surprises. I wondered today if that is a good or bad thing. After riding, I stilldon’t have an answer. Either way – it was a great day. The weather was perfect and we had a really great group of people riding.

The ride was going really well until I got a flat tire. I have never gotten  a flat tire before. I always wondered what it would feel like…it just felt weird. I didn’t go over my handlebars or anything; the ride just felt weird, so I stopped, grabbed my bike tire and found that there was no air in it.

I called my friend, Chad, who is sick…he came and saved me (how great is he?)  because we all thought the tire was unsalvageable. When we got to my house we found that there was a gnarly nail-type thing in my tire that caused the hole.

Here is what is so great about riding with a group…I kept telling everyone they could leave – that I was OK – but no one would. They were like, “we came out together and we will stay with you”…that was pretty great. 

I realize I am easily swayed to loving other people for little things…but for some reason this was pretty great. So, thank you to Steve, Layton, George, Michael, Carrie, Matt (he had to stay cause he is my husband) and Daryl for waiting with me until Chad got there. I really appreciate it! I will ride with you guys any day!

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