Just Chugging Along

The marathon training continues to go well. Went out for a 12 mile run the other day. What was so funny about it was that I wasn’t the least bit nervous or worried about it. Once upon a time I was a girl who would get butterflies in her stomach at the thought of running 12 miles, even though I have about six half marathons under my belt – I know. I makes no sense. Anyway, after running 14 last week, 12 seems like nothing.

My mom comes into town tomorrow. I am really excited to see her. I haven’t seen her since my Gran’s funeral. Anyway, she is coming to stay with Sunshine while Matt and I participate in the MS Waves to Wine  ride we do. I am actually a little nervous about that. Other than a couple of rides, I have barely been on my bike since the triathlon. But, it is going to be fun. We have a great group riding together this weekend. I am anticipating lots of hills, lots of Gatorade and lots of laughter!

In the effort for full disclosure…I have been slacking on my 100 sit-ups in 100 days…even though I know it only takes about 10 minutes to do them, it is hard these days finding those 10 minutes. Now that I have said that “out loud” I will get back to them today.

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One Response to Just Chugging Along

  1. Leslie says:

    Say hello to your mom for me 🙂 and have a great time with the race, Stacie.

    Day 33 for me of the 100 in 100…had to increase amounts over a week to make up for the slacking while we did the road trip to AZ.

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