40 Down, 50 To Go!

Day one of the MS Waves to Wine ride is over. I have rested, had a couple glasses of wine and am now at home waiting to shower. We had a great day.

It was wicked hot out there today…I actually don’t think I have ever rode in such heat before. But, we managed.

There were some technical difficulties with a couple of the bikes on our team…one rider lost her shifting capabilities from her big to little chain ring (there is an actual term for it that I can’t remember) and another rider had issues with her back brakes.  After all that was cleared up, we were on our ways and the ride went well.

I felt stronger today than I have in a long time. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t pushing as hard as I normally do (most rides are done as fast as I can go cause I am in training mode) or what, but I don’t think I dropped into “Granny Gear” once today on any hills. That doesn’t happen often.

It was nice to just ride and not feel like I had to get somewhere as fast as I could…it isn’t always about the time it takes to get to your destination, but the time you have in getting to said destination. And I had a great time!

p.s. Tomorrow is my 12 year wedding anniversary…I can’t wait to ride 50 miles with my friends and husband to celebrate!

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