Day Two of the MS Ride

The second day was hot! Really, hot is kind of an understatement. Temperature aside, it was a great day. How can it not be? I am out with great people doing a ride for great people!

Here is what I am most proud of – my friend, Anne. She rode the entire weekend…90 miles on a bike heavier than my hybrid. It isn’t a road bike…you can’t even dress it up and pretend it is a road bike. It is a heavy beast of a bike that she rode up and over hill after hill after hill in Sonoma County. At one point, as we were riding, I told her how amazing I thought it was that not only was she doing her first “official” event by “going big” but she was doing it on a bike that I couldn’t imagine riding.

I may be able to ride 50 miles with ease, but I have to say that Anne is my hero for powering through something that isn’t easy…she was a true inspiration to me!

So, it was a day – a weekend – of great accomplishments, filled with relatively great people. Yes. There were a few snags in the road, but really, it was quite a successful and inspiring day.

Sorry for the short and probably not really well-written post, but I wanted to get this out cause I have to hurry and sign up for next year!

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One Response to Day Two of the MS Ride

  1. Anne C. says:

    Shuckotash! What Stacie isn’t telling here is what an AMAZING COACH she is, and how I couldn’t have done it without her – road bike OR beast bike!

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