A Quick Update

I have been slacking terribly on posting lately. Maybe because it is hard enough to get everything else into my day that sitting down and typing is the last thing on my “to do” list. (Which really, if you think about it, is funny cause I am at a computer ALL DAY!) But, it is my birthday weekend and I am being lazy, even though I should be cleaning my house. Anywho, here is what has been going on…

  • I have completely failed in my 100 sit ups in 100 days challenge…well, I didn’t FAIL, but I haven’t been very consistent for some reason. I was doing so well, and then suddenly the days just started slipping by without a sit up happening. I do them periodically, but am just not as on the ball as I was in the beginning. In fact, I think I am going to do some right after I hit “post”.
  • Two weekends ago I ran my first 17-miler. It was great. It took me longer than I would have liked, but overall it went well. I never wanted to stop or give up…I just kept chugging along. I was EXHAUSTED afterward. I slept the next day later than I have slept since 2001!
  • Last weekend I posted my best half marathon time to date…in fact, I took FIVE MINUTES off my time! And, that was done with the run/walk combination I have been doing for my marathon training. There were a couple psychological bumps in the road – things that I have to work on…oddly enough, things that don’t pop up when I am running the longer distances. Regardless of the difficult mental things going on, it was a beautiful run and an even better day. Of course, I celebrated with my usual – bacon cheeseburger and bloody Mary!
  • Today was a 15-miler and I would chalk that up there with one of the best runs of my training so far. I just felt good the entire time. Yes, there were some aches and pains, but instead of focusing on those pains, I just kept going. Like I was once told, “sometimes you have to run through those aches and pains…only stop when it is an actual injury.”
  • I registered for the CIM today. Matt walked in right as I hit “submit” and I started giggling. He asked me what was so funny and I told him I had registered and I needed to laugh or I was probably going to cry. I have so many conflicting feelings about this event. I am so excited that I am FINALLY going to complete a full marathon. But it also makes me completely sick to my stomach and terrified that I am FINALLY going to complete a full marathon.

So, that is the quick and dirty update. Now, I am going to relax and read while I have some quiet in the house.

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One Response to A Quick Update

  1. Leslie says:

    Good for you, Stacie! I’m so excited for you to run your first marathon and I know you’ll do great…you are ready for it! And I want to wish you an early Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!!

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