Holy Crap!

It is raining out. We completely bypassed fall and went right into winter. That is fine…I guess. It kind of rained on my birthday parade last week, but we still managed to have a great time. Went for a 20-mile bike ride in the rain just to prove how hardcore we are…then back to our house for a BBQ…then off to Mi Pueblo (our favorite restaurant) so Chad and I could have our birthday shots AND wear the birthday sombreros AND get sung to by the best mariachi band in Petaluma! What started out kind of shitty, ended up being a pretty fantastic day. But, that is not what the “holy crap” is about.

I bring up the rain because what started as shitty weather last week continued into this week, and we have nothing but rain in the upcoming forecast. Does that stop me from getting out there and training? Nope. Did I go out today at 7am, with it still kind of dark to go for my run? Yep. With Giants hat on (GO GIANTS!) I headed out the road with two of my training partners for what was to be the longest run of my career….ready for it? TWENTY MILES!

Let me tell you…it was awesome! NEVER in my life would I have thought I could go 20 miles…or would want to go 20 miles, but I did it. I have found my run/walk pace that really works for me…I am doing 5/1 and continue to average about a 10-11 minute mile. No, not really fast, but it is a pace that I can keep up for 20 miles…and hopefully for 26 miles in just a few weeks.

That, I think was the best thing about today. As I hit my 20 miles, I realized that if I had to, I could continue going for six more. It may not be pretty…I may slow down considerably, but now that I know I can go for 20 miles, I know I can go for 26!

Seriously…HOLY CRAP!

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One Response to Holy Crap!

  1. Jessica says:

    Way to go Stacie! You are so friggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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