I Just…

Saturday is the day for the long run…we run anywhere from six to 20 miles. Here is what I found myself laughing at on Friday over margaritas. As I poured myself my second margarita I said, “I can have another…I just have to run 11 miles tomorrow. HA! Who would have thought there would be a day in my running career when running 11 miles was no big deal? Not this girl. However, I love that I have gotten to this point in my life. A point when I am no longer worried about what I can do because I simply know that I can.

I know longer doubt what I can and can’t do…I just do it. I think I gained this confidence last year while training for and completing Barb’s Race. Accomplishing something like that simply felt so amazing – it made me realize all the things I can do. My coach, Erin, gave me a magnet for my birthday that was pretty great. It has a quote from Don Ward that says, “If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.”

One more just…I just signed up to do Barb’s Race for a second time, as I continue to TRI to make a difference.

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