Back in th Swim of Things

I got back in the pool the other day. It was my first time swimming since the triathlon – three months ago! Sheesh! I was a bit worried that I would be back to square one with it…I was mostly worried about my breathing because that, really, is the hardest thing for me. Last year when I started swimming it seemed to take me quite a long time to get the rhythm of my breath down to where I didn’t have to stop constantly to catch it.

However, that was not the case the other day. I swam for 30 minutes and was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have to stop at all (well, once to check the time). So, I was very pleased with my first foray back into the water. What also made it great was the enviroment I was in.

I was in an outdoor pool. I wasn’t really excited about getting into a pool outside, but I did. It was so cold outside that the pool felt like a warm bath. Each time I turned my head for a breath I could see the moon peeking through the fog. There was this stlilness in the air that just seemed to add to the wonderful feeling I was having. I don’t know if that is going to happen every time I get into the pool or not, but that was a pretty great way to get back into the swim of things.

…K. Off to run 16 miles. Only four weeks until the marathon! Here’s hoping that calmness is with me then!

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3 Responses to Back in th Swim of Things

  1. Leslie says:

    Beautiful description of your moonlit swim 🙂 How was your run? I can’t wait until I’m ready for a ten miler…then fifteen…and beyond! Good for you Stacie!

  2. stacie says:

    My run went well today…it is crazy – I never thought any run over 10 miles would be great, but they really are. I can’t wait until you come here and we can run BIG MILES together!

  3. It was a good run. It is crazy how much stronger I have become because of all the miles. I love it! You will get there…I can’t wait until you come here to run your marathon!

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