I am a hero

I never thought I would be someone’s hero. I have been told by people that I inspire them, but to be someone’s hero – never.

Today was “dress like a superhero or your hero day” at my daughter’s school. She didn’t bother to mention it was Superhero day until 6:30 this morning. So, that was a little annoying…um, how am I going to come up with a superhero costume in that amount of time, while also getting myself ready for work? And did I mention she brought it up while I was walking out the door for a run? So, I came home from my run to a child still in her pajamas and unsure of what she was going to wear.

I said, “you have all sorts of clothes to wear…I just finished your laundry.” What was she looking for? What did she want to dress up as? Me! OK. It was either Wonder Woman or me, but since we didn’t have a Wonder Woman costure, she had to go with me.

While I was completely annoyed that she waited until the last minute to tell me, I was VERY flattered that she wanted to be me…that she saw me as a hero. (Even if I was a second choice from WW – who just so happens to be my favorite superhero.)

Me. A hero. Really? I know my daughter loves me. I know my daughter thinks I am keen and fun to hang out with, but a hero?

I guess that is just one more thing I get to add to my list of things I am…a hero.

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One Response to I am a hero

  1. Leslie says:

    How sweet..and such an honor! *Camdyn went as Wonder Woman for Halloween :~)

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