Packed and Ready

I am leaving for Sacramento tomorrow. I feel like I am going on a long trip, and feel like I have to get the house ready as much as getting myself ready to walk out the door. I have the same “to do” list I have when getting ready to board a plane…need to make sure the dishes are done; make sure the laundry is done; pick up the last few essentials (in this case extra packs of Vanilla Bean GU).

My bag is packed. Actually, it has been packed and ready for several days, but I have double and tripled-checked it. The outfit I selected because it worked during my 20-mile run is packed and ready; my shoes are in there; my jacket that I have done all my long runs in is accounted for; didn’t forget my water bottle or my running snacks (Clif Blocks and Vanilla Bean GU); my favorite toe socks are in there, as is my Glide (I don’t go anywhere without my Glide!); I have even packed my morning oatmeal – complete with bowl and spoon.

I still have not decided whether I will wear my Garmin or not – I don’t know if I want to get caught up with watching time and pace, or if I just want to enjoy myself and watch for the flags that will signal each mile completed. I will bring it, but wearing it will be a game-time decision.

Knowing that the packing portion is done makes me feel a little less anxious. Knowing I will be walking out of the house tomorrow with all the things I have come to rely on eases a bit of pressure.

I think my desire to have a clean house as I leave tomorrow also has a lot to do with alleviating anxiety. It not only ensures that I come home to NOT having to worry about any of those things, but it also takes my mind off of Sunday. It is crazy…I feel more nervous about this marathon than I did about the triathlon – funny how that works.

Jennie, one of the women I helped train for her first half marathon said something quite sage the other day. She said, “Trust your training. That is what you told me.” She is right. Sometimes (OK, all the time) it is so much easier to give advice and support rather than take it. I really must learn to practice what I preach, and what has always been told to me, because we know I am not the first person to say “trust your training”; and it was just said to me a few short months ago as I readied myself for Barb’s Race.

I have put in the training. I have packed my bags. And Sunday, when that gun goes off, signaling the thousands of runner to begin the journey of 26.2 miles, I will trust what I have done to prepare for this day and remember to just have fun…to enjoy the journey.

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