Christmas Eve Ride

There was FINALLY a break in the weather today…just in time for the family’s new tradition – a Christmas Eve bike ride. After fumbling with the bike rack for what felt like forever, we were on our way to the Santa Rosa Creek Trail…

The Santa Rosa Creek

It was a beautiful, sunny day when we started out. Sunshine and Matt were in the lead and I was just enjoying being out on my bike. I haven’t ridden in what feels like a long time. We actually meant to go on a different trail, but it was a happy accident that we ended up on this trail. It was surrounded by lush foliage and the sound of the rushing SR Creek followed during our whole ride.

This ride was a big deal because I FINALLY got on a road my – MY ROAD BIKE…it was awesome. But, what I am really most excited and proud about is that my daughter rode the longest she has ever gone. She rode 12.5 miles! And, I have say that except for a couple of times saying she was hungry, she did the entire 12.5 miles without complaint. She said she was “wrecked” when we finished (the last 6 were against the wind), but I believe that she really had a good time and was secretly as proud of herself as Matt and I were.

Here are some pictures from our ride…

All was going quite well until on our way back and Matt got a flat. He changed it, and the new tube (did I mention the ONLY tube) he had also had a leak. We couldn’t find a hole in the original flatted tube, so he put that back on, pumped it up and hauled ass. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it all the way. However, he had one more carbon filler (or whatever it is…I still don’t know cycling lingo) and was able to fill it one more time to make it back.

Matt's Flat

As I mentioned, Sunshine said she was “wrecked” when we got back, but she still managed to strike a triumphant pose before climbing into the car for the ride home to eat a well deserved lunch.

The 12.5 Pose

It was a great ride…it was a great day…Merry Christmas!

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