Happy New Year!

I am not usually one to make resolutions, because when I say I have to do something, I usually rebel against myself and then feel bad because I failed in following through. Well, this year is a little different…I am not making any resolutions per se, but I like to set goals for myself. 2010 was a HUGE year for setting and accomplishing athletic goals. I also set goals around reading – I read seven classic novels and at least two Russian novels each year (this one I always hit because reading is an easy thing for me). So, what are my goals/plans for 2011? Here they are…

1. Finally learn how to play guitar. My dad gave me the acoustic guitar I grew up listening to him play about two years ago, and it hangs right above my reading chair, taunting me. Well, I shall be taunted no more and will learn to play it!

2. Compete in my second half-Ironman triathlon and improve my time from last year. I am not setting a specific time that I want to hit…I simply know the time I want to beat.

3. Complete a century – that is a 100 mile bike ride. I have the one I want to do, and just need to get myself ready to do it.

Three…three is a good number. Three is my favorite number. Three goals that are within my means to make happen. I love making lists and setting goals – it is like a daily bucket list of things I have gotten the opportunity to complete. Not everything has to be huge, sometimes even the smallest things can turn out to be the biggest.

Here is to a wonderful 2011 of health and happiness!

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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. JoAnn says:

    I have wanted to learn how to play the guitar as well! I also imagine myself bringing my guitar into school and singing songs with my class. A little folksy, yes, but I’ve always been interested. Maybe this is the year I should make it happen too 🙂

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