Change of Plans

Matt had the day off of work today. We were both excited because we could go on the rare bike ride together. However, those plans quickly changed when at noon it was still only 39 degrees out. I know. We are babies. We are from MN, so we should be tough, right? Wrong! I didn’t like doing things in 39 degree weather when I lived in the frozen north, and I certainly don’t like doing them now!

Riding a bike when it is cold is nothing but misery for me. I get so cold that I never warm up. So, instead of a ride, we decided to change our plans and go for a hike.

Our hot water heater keeps going out. We had a plumber here a couple weeks ago, but whatever he did didn’t fix it, so we had to have him come back out today. They couldn’t give us a specific time…they were just going to call.

At 1 we were ready to head out the door…then I got an email from work that something was wrong with a document. Long story short – an hour later I was ready to go. Then the phone rang, and it was the plumber, ready to come over to fix the water heater. OK…we wait a bit to go on our hike.

An hour later, he is done. Ready? Yep. Let’s go…wait! We have to get the truck (it was in the shop, you see)  – “It’s not ready, but we close at 5:30, so it will be ready then.” OK…that gives us about 40 minutes for a hike. Not what we intended, but a slight change of plans.

As we drove to Helen Putnam Park, we talked about how it seemed like the day was truly conspiring against us going on this hike…really conspiring against us to do just about everything we had planned for the day, because none of what was on our agenda was completed (except my new water bottle cages I got in my stocking ARE on my bike now).

But, we made it, and it was a great hike…short, but what mattered is that we got out there. We could have said, “screw it”, but we didn’t. I am glad, because it really was a lovely hike.

Me and Todd on the Panorama Trail


Sometimes it may feel like the world is conspiring against you, but sometimes you just have to change your plans and it all works out.

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