Badge of Marathon Honor

It will be two months since I completed my marathon next Sunday when I head out the door for half marathon number seven, and I am still kind of feeling elated about the whole experience. No. Not elated enough to sign up for another one, but just elated enough to not regret doing it.

I mentioned in my post-event post about losing a toe nail. My right big toe was painful and promptly turned black and blue and I quickly painted over it so that no one had to look at it. I decided the other day to take off the nail polish and see what was happening underneath. To my surprise, it was no longer just the right big toe that was black and blue, but my left big toe as well!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture…here is what they look like.

My sausage toes

I showed my daughter and she started crying. She said it looked like I was going to lose my entire toe. She is seven, so she is a tad dramatic.

I am not one for gross things, but I kind of think my toes are pretty rad. Maybe it has more to do with WHY they are black and blue rather than them being black and blue. I wear my bruised toes as a badge of honor…a badge of honor covered up with dark purple toenail polish.

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