Fair Weather Runner

I had the day off of work today. I had a plan…I was going to take Sunshine to school, go out for a run with Todd and then meet my friend for breakfast. Sounds great, right? What I didn’t plan was the downpouring rain. But I was not deterred. I put on my running clothes (three layers deep), a hat, a pair of gloves and my shoes, grabbed Todd’s leash and out the door we went – wind and rain be damned.

I didn’t know I liked running in the rain until I had no choice but to run in the rain. A few years ago, while working with a running coach I asked him what I should do for my workouts when it was raining and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “wear a jacket and a hat.” Maybe it was the residual Minnesotan in me – you know, the one who would NEVER think of exercising in the winter, much less when it was raining or snowing – that just couldn’t fathom running during inclimate weather.

Many of my long runs during marathon training were done in the rain. It was often a light drizzle, but rain nonetheless. It was over these long miles that I realized running in the rain was quite enjoyable…

I don’t get as hot because there is a consistent cool “mist”; I love the sound of the rain as well as my feet hitting the wet pavement; I love running through puddles (Todd loves it more though); I love listening to the rain and wind through the leaves of the trees; lastly, I love being one of the very few out on the road.

My desire to run in the rain also solidifies, for me, that I really am a runner. Someone not really committed to running would easily give up her run, and that was me a few years ago. When I was told to put a jacket and a hat on, I didn’t. Instead I did a modified workout at the gym, or didn’t go out at all, thinking I would “make up for it later” but never did. I was definitely a fair weather runner.

No longer being a member of a gym, it is either I deal with the rain or I don’t get my run in.  I could say “I have no choice” but I do have a choice…I can choose not to run. I can choose to be a fair weather runner, but I choose all weather running, because runners are runners no matter what the weather.

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One Response to Fair Weather Runner

  1. Leslie Crohn says:

    I love running in the rain! I feel closer to nature or something–I don’t know. I also discovered, I love running in the snow and cold of Minnesota! It’s just about being out there and doing what we love….rain or shine!

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