Dillon Beach Getaway

Several months ago my girlfriends and I planned a weekend getaway to Dillon Beach. It is only about a 20 minute drive from where I live, but when I am there, it feels like a world away. We rented a little cabin, having no idea what this cabin would look like. We chose going to the beach in February because it would be cheaper since it is off-season, but it was a gamble in regards to the weather. With rain and possibly SNOW in the forecast (although I knew it wasn’t going to snow) we headed out to the beach. We were prepared for a weekend indoors reading, playing games and watching movies.

When Carrie, Amy and I arrived at the cabin, we slowly walked inside and were faced with the cutest cabin we have ever seen! Our apprehension of not knowing anything about it quickly turned into squeals of delight as we jumped up and down and gave each other “I am so happy to be here” hugs. It wasn’t yet raining (or snowing) so we put our running clothes on so we could get a run in before the rain hit.

Our run was quite comedic because it was SO WINDY. The wind was whipping off the water and battering us with every step we took. But, we were determined to run along the beach. It was the one thing I was looking the most forward to. It was a short run, but we were just happy to have gotten one in before the horrible weather rolled in from Alaska.

Me and Carrie post run

Esther and Kali arrived later and we were on “snow watch” all night. And by “we”, I mean my friends who were born and raised in CA and just didn’t understand that it had to be a certain temperature to snow…at SEA LEVEL! When we woke up that morning we couldn’t believe our eyes. The beach was blanketed in…SUN!

There was no snow. There was no rain. It was gorgeous! We slowly got ready, ate breakfast, packed up and headed down to the beach. This was, of course, after buying beach blankets because none of us came prepared for GOOD weather!

Running along the water would be my third favorite thing to do at the beach…reading and rock collecting are my first and second. I was thrilled to be able to read on the beach – it was magical! We went for a couple walks that day, ate clam chowder, and played a game while sipping mimosas. It was a relaxing and wonderful day.

Yay Reading!


See how happy I am?

Sunday was the same thing…only warmer. We were all so sad to leave. We were so sad that we actually stayed a couple hours AFTER checking out, just laying on the beach reading our books. Check out was after we had gone for another, longer, less windy run and sat outside overlooking the beach eating breakfast.

I feel so lucky to have the people in my life. This New Year – 2011 – the year that everything was supposed to turn around is just not panning out to be that great. This weekend away with my friends couldn’t have come at a better time. I was able to talk about what is going on – the shitty part of everything – and then forget about it as danced around the kitchen table.

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