So Much Fun

Girls on the Run started yesterday. I realized during our first meeting that I needed it to start right when it did. I love the breaks from the girls when we have them…the finale 5K usually comes right at the perfect time – the time when we all need a little distance (say three miles) from one another. But, I always love when it starts back up – the first day of the season always comes at just the right time.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have been feeling a little blue lately. The girls in Girls on the Run really help me to see there is a brighter side of things.

The girls make it impossible NOT to see the brighter side of things. They are eager – eager to learn, eager to speak their minds and eager to run. They run not because they “need” to, but because they want to. Their enthusiasm in being a part of the Girls on the Run community is invigorating. I love that they love being a part of it as much as I do. Sometimes, as a coach (and now a board member) I get caught up in the minute details of GOTR and being a coach rather than the true enjoyment of coaching. Yesterday, the girls reminded me yesterday that I just need to enjoy myself and let the small stuff go – in life and in coaching.

Each season I say to the girls, “I look forward to learning as much from you as I hope you learn from me.” I don’t say this just to say this…I say this because it is true. Each season I learn something new, whether it is about myself as a person, mother and coach, or just about the world my daughter is a part of – the world of girls in elementary school. I look forward to seeing what I learn this season, especially since I already learned something the first day. Girls on the Run really IS so much fun!

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