Allowing for a Vacation

I don’t get vacation time off paid…I work part-time at both places, so when I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I am currently on spring break and spending time at my parents’ home in Mississippi. However, this doesn’t feel like much of a vacation. See, while one of my jobs I can “leave at the office,” I can carry my other job with me. My other job is editing and I do it from home. Since I can’t go a week without pay from both jobs, I took my editing job with me thinking I could work a little in the morning and then have my day…not the case.

For the first three days I have spent more time either at my computer (still getting up at Dark Thirty) or worrying about the fact that I wasn’t at my computer. What was supposed to be an easy week turned out to be a week filled with problem studies and issues with processing the projects being worked on. Things weren’t working out as planned and my vacation was starting to suck. Then, yesterday afternoon, things turned around…

One of the projects I was working on was delivered! The second project I was waiting on information for, so that meant I could go have lunch with my family at the Cypress Café. (If you are ever in Bay St. Louis, you should stop in – great food, great atmosphere and great people.) After lunch I checked in and things were moving along, but not ready for me yet…so, off to the beach for a little bit.

I got to sit for a little and read a bit of my book before moving on to help Sunshine build a sandcastle. I found that I am not an architect by any means, but we had a good time. I think it was more fun to tear it down than it was to build it.

This morning I delivered the final monster project and actually took the day off. After going for a long run along the water, we drove into New Orleans and went to the zoo. We had a wonderful time with wonderful weather. There was a slight breeze, which cut the edge off the heat. We saw beautiful animals and actually made it through the entire zoo without an 8-year-old meltdown – SUCCESS!

Today was the most relaxed I have felt in quite some time. I am heading into a really busy time for me – busier than normal – next week and realized today that I just need a little down time. I need to allow myself that break. Because, if I don’t give myself a break from work I am either going to get sick or have a breakdown – neither of which sound like much fun. We will survive with the smaller paycheck. Projects will get done whether I am worrying about them and standing over my computer or not.

In the hectic life I lead with two (three) jobs, training for events, coaching and parenting, I sometimes forget that I need to just sit and not do anything – to enjoy the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore holding a book in my hand, to walk around the zoo with my daughter, just standing there staring into the eyes of an elephant or building a horrible sandcastle.

Sometimes I just need to allow myself a vacation. It is okay to take a break.

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