Week 1 Update

For the next eight weeks I will be triple-timing it with assistant coaching/training for Barb’s Race and coaching the Nimble Training Petaluma Running Group training for the Windsor Green Half Marathon AND coaching GOTR for the Windsor Green 5K!

I laugh when I look at my weekly schedule of work, training and other events…there are very few blanks within my day that starts at 4am and often doesn’t end until 11pm. I laugh, but I also love it. I love each of the things I do (OK, not ALL of the things I do – I am looking at you work) – I love coaching and I love getting on my bike, lacing up my shoes for a run or donning my swim cap. And, after the 8-week craziness, I will then only have to focus on triathlon training and one job – I can manage eight weeks of craziness.

Week one is done…it felt so great to get back out there and ride, run and swim with a purpose. When I have a purpose I perform so much better. And, I have noticed my depression has abated a bit. I still have moments, but I am actually writing “I feel good today” in my journal rather than “didn’t wake up feeling to great”.

My goal this season is to give a weekly update of my activities. My week starts on Monday…here is the Week 1 rundown…

Monday is BRICK day, but we are starting slow and just rode 18 miles. It was a good ride. I felt strong, especially when fighting against the wind.

Tuesday – I swam about six 100’s…I honestly wasn’t really paying attention, as I just wanted to get in the water.

Wednesday – Boot Camp…I love boot camp only because it makes me so sore the next day, which is a constant reminder of the great work I am doing. When my muscles are sore I know I am working!

Thursday – Group run for the running group…We started with 3 miles. I have a great group of women training. They all have such excitement – it is contagious.

Friday – Spin class and 45-minute benchmark swim…spin class was harder today than normal because my legs were STILL sore from Wednesday. My swim was great. I felt really strong in the water and am finally getting my hands to enter the water they way they need to be. I swam 10 sets of 10 laps, equalling 100 laps/2,000 yards! That is OVER the amount I will have to swim for the triathlon, so that is pretty fantastic for the first benchmark. Now my focus can be on getting faster.

Saturday – 20 mile ride. We did an out and back on Chileno Valley Road…we ride this road A LOT during training. I hadn’t been out there since the 2010 Waves to Wine ride, so it was actually nice to see it again.

Sunday – 4.2 mile run at Shollenberger with the running group. It was a beautiful morning and I loved chatting and getting to know the girls. I ran at a bit of a slower pace, but that is fine with me as long as I am getting the miles in.

I realize I am doing something every day, but figure just swimming on Tuesdays for a short time is OK since I am not doing any sort of impact work.

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2 Responses to Week 1 Update

  1. Mom says:

    You make me tired just reading about it. Be careful!

  2. stacie says:

    I love how your comment ends with such a mom “be careful”. How are the band exercises going?

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