Second Week Complete!

It was another great week of training. While I feel pulled in a million different directions (sometimes at the exact same time) I am enjoying it, and even managed to vacuum my living room, sweep up dog hair, and finish laundry! I honestly think I work much better at getting things done when I have less time than I do when I have all the time in the world.

After my running group this morning I was able to spend the morning with my daughter and some of the Girls on the Run team handing out water for the Petaluma Footrace. This race has been going on for some time now, started by two high schoolers for their senior project. Now Chris Mason, one of those teen race directors is heading up a whole new race – he is bring the half marathon to Petaluma in the fall!



Monday – 29 mile bike ride…I believe the time was 2 hours and 5 minutes…not bad!

Tuesday – I was up at 4am and worked…at 6:30 I put my swimsuit on to head to the pool and then decided that what I really needed to do was sleep. So, I slipped back into bed and slept for an extra half hour!

Wednesday – Boot camp. Suprisingly I wasn’t sore after this day. We started the 100 sit ups in 100 days challenge – we are all going to do it together. This time, I am going to stick with it! So far, so good!

Thursday – 4.25 mile run…I don’t remember the time. There were only two runners from the running group there and they powered up hills and did a great job!

Friday – another killer spin class with Erin, core work, and swam. Did side arm drills and swam six sets of 100’s. – my 100 time is about 2 minutes, which I feel is pretty good. Definitely something to improve on.

Saturday – 30 mile group ride. Time: 2 hours 18 minutes (I think.)  We had a great group of nine riders! It was freakin’ cold! By the end, my toes were so frozen that I could barely walk. I went to REI today and picked up a pair of booties to wear over my shoes. Watch. Now it is going to be warm enough every morning!

Sunday: 4+ mile run. Went well. Todd is running with the group. I have found the perfect leash for running with him. He is a much better running partner when he doesn’t have a lot of give. Now I plan to take a little nap before heading to my neighbor’s BBQ.

I am really looking forward to this coming week…we start actual bricks tomorrow and will be heading up and over, and up and over Wilson Hill on our ride next Saturday!

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