Just a Minute

My husband is very supportive and proud (I think J) of everything I do. He understands my need to volunteer my time to Girls on the Run; he understands my love of sport and my love of coaching; he gets that I have two jobs. He doesn’t always say it, but I know he is proud. Here is what I do that REALLY gets him excited and proud (no. not that! Get your heads out of the gutter)…nothing. He likes when I do nothing.

I am a doer – as I said, I coach, volunteer, work, clean my house, parent and many other  things…my days are full from the moment I get out of bed around 4am to when I finally go to bed. So, when I do nothing, Matt is the happiest. Not for himself, but for me. And, I did nothing last Thursday.

I didn’t feel well in the morning, but still got myself up, worked, and then got Sunshine up and ready for school while I got myself ready to head to my other job. I dropped Sunshine off and headed toward the freeway, only to stop myself before hitting the on-ramp. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go into work knowing that I didn’t feel well and I knew I would probably resent every student that needed my help that day. So, I turned around and headed back home.

I read for a bit until I fell asleep for about two hours and woke up feeling much better. Then I got up, put a load of laundry in and watched an episode of “Criminal Minds” and folded some other laundry. After watching TV, I grabbed my book, made myself an Arnold Palmer and headed outside to sit in the sun and read some more. Laundry done, I hung it out to dry and folded some more. I may have even finished a crossword puzzle somewhere in there. Then it was 2pm and time to return to reality and off to GOTR practice,
followed by the Nimble run team.

When I told Matt about my day (I hadn’t told him I didn’t go to work), instead of giving me the “I can’t believe you didn’t go into work” look, he gave me a high-five. Yes. I did stuff around the house, but for once I took a moment for myself. Instead of going to work not 100%, I gave myself a much needed break. In my jobs and volunteer work I do a lot of caring for other people and I think my body was telling me that morning that I just needed a minute – a day – to just take care of me without guilt.

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