Go Girls!

I am late in posting this, but wanted to give a shout out to the Petaluma Nimble runners who completed the Windsor Green Half Marathon on 21 May. While I love all Nimble athletes equally, I might have a little bit of a soft spot for this crew, as it was my first team as Head Coach. Luckily, these ladies were very easy to coach…always open for anything with determination and a smile.


Dionne is one of my TLCs (Team Leader Crew) for the fall season. She actually PR’d on this race. She is a fantastic athlete – the girl is a machine!

This was Kari’s first half marathon, and she KILLED it! When the girl gets out of her head, and as Carrie Cheadle says, “feeds the athlete and not the monster” Kari can do anything!

The Windsor Green was also Erica’s first half marathon. This girl has determination! She suffered some knee pain toward the end of training, but was determined to cross the finish line. She not only crossed, but just look at the joy with which she crossed it!

Jennie has been training with Nimble for awhile – this was her third half marathon in a year! She was hooked with the first Events with Sole half marathon in October 2010 – the Wine Country – and has been coming  back ever since. Her enthusiasm and willingness to push herself has not only be inspiring to watch, but has paid off as well – she continues to shave minutes off her time with each event.

These women are who inspire and motivate me to get out there when I am just not feeling it. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of their incredible journeys as athletes.

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