Practice Tri

Yesterday was the practice tri for Barb’s Race – We swam 1 mile, rode 38 miles and had the choice of running 6, 9 or 12 miles. Because last year posed some problems, I was a little nervous (OK, a lot nervous) about yesterday. Last year I didn’t run the entire 12, which I had planned to do, so this year I HAD to do it.

Well, it was successful. I took what I learned both from last year’s practice and actual triathlons and put them into play.

1. I can’t eat REAL food before running, but I have to eat more than just Roks, Shots and Gu in order to get through all parts of the tri. Here is what I did…I ate oatmeal at home, I ate an apple and cheese stick about 40 minutes before getting in the water…I ate a couple bites of PBJ right when I got on my bike…about halfway through the ride I ate the rest of the sandwich and half a Clif Bar. Throughout this, I was watching my clock and drinking about every 15 minutes and periodically popping a Rok.

By doing this, I feel I was able to get the calories/fuel I needed to get me through the ride and the run without making me feel like there was a rock sitting in my stomach or that I was going to throw up.

2. The swim went great – I have come to accept that when I swim in the river, for whatever reason, I only breathe on one side. When I am in a pool I can do both, but breathing that way in the river alludes me. I have accepted it and have actually improved my time from last year. So, that is pretty great.

3. The run went well. One of the athletes was having a hard time, so I actually walked with her for the first half. I was a little worried about her, as she was having pains in her side. She has a high tolerance for pain, so I was concerned. Plus, I really enjoyed walking and talking with her AND I was getting the miles in anyway. After we got back, I packed up my things and headed out for another six miles. I felt great even though it was really hot (maybe from the walking previous) and ran the last six in an hour, and actually didn’t have too bad a time for the whole 12 even with the walking.

I am proud of what I did yesterday and that really helps because I wasn’t feeling all that confident about the upcoming tri. I have been having flashes of “what the hell am I doing” lately. But, those doubts are gone. The tri is going to be hard, but I know that it will be a great day no matter what happens.

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