Fake it till you make it

What is going on?!?! This is the thought that keeps floating through my head as I look back on this past week. Saturday was the practice tri. Sunday was the open water swim clinic that snuck up and kicked me in the ass. I decided to take Monday off and do my brick on Tuesday. However, I woke up to rain on Tuesday. (Yes. Rain at the end of June!) So, no brick for me. Boot camp was canceled on Wednesday, so I figured I would do my brick that day…but just couldn’t figure out the time to do it, and we were having the neighbors
over for dinner. OK. Thursday. Thursday I will run or ride or both. Nope. Busy working and parenting, and by the time Sunshine was next door to play, I had lost all motivation to head out the door. Now, I sit, dressed in my running clothes. My dog is staring at me with the “let’s go” look and I STILL can’t get myself out the door. Instead I sat down and started writing this.

This is NO TIME to lose motivation. I have a freaking half Ironman triathlon to do at the end of the month! I know this happens all the time to athletes. I know this has happened to me many times over the years, but for some reason this feels different. Normally, even when lacking motivation I still get out there and do what needs to be done. This time I have become very adept at making excuses to not get out there…work, child, rain, the bathroom needs to be cleaned (OK. We all know I don’t do bathrooms, but you get what I
mean – part of me would rather clean the bathroom than go out for a run/ride/swim).

Someone once said, “fake it till you make it” and I have often done that…I have often pretended that I am highly motivated until that motivation finally sets in. So, that is what I shall do this morning. I can’t sit here typing this anymore, I get to go outside and enjoy the beautiful morning with my dog while I go for a run. I am SO lucky! And then later, I get to
go swim a mile in the river. Again, I am SO LUCKY!

The motivation is suddenly bursting through my pores and I cannot wait to get out the door! Bye!

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One Response to Fake it till you make it

  1. Leslie Crohn says:

    Great post, Stacie….I know what you mean…My motivating phrase is “Do it anyway!” When I say “I’m too tired…. so what, do it anyway!”

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