In one week

In one week from now, I will have completed my second half Ironman distance triathlon. I haven’t posted in awhile because I have been SUPER busy with training, working and parenting. And, even though I composed numerous posts while swimming, running and riding, once those things were over I simply didn’t have time to pen something worth reading.

As I go into my final taper week, I am feeling pretty good about things. A couple weeks ago I couldn’t have said the same thing. A couple of weeks ago I had a really shitty 10-mile run…it was hot, I was poorly fueled, I ran out of water and I had a wicked bad headache. Around mile six I thought to myself, “what in the hell am I doing?!” But, I finished that run and I took from it what I could – I need to be hydrated, I need to be properly fueled, and I really hate running in the heat. That weekend I had a great ride, but had to cut my 9-mile run short because my headache had not abated and my head felt like it was going to explode.

By Monday my head was better and I was ready to rock. Or, that was what I was telling myself because I really wasn’t sure if I could rock. But, I put into effect the old motto “fake it till you make it” and went out and did what needed to be done.

My next few runs were great – I had an eight miler that I did a negative split (that is the second half being faster than the first) and another 5-miler that I did the same. I felt good…I felt confident. In the water, things are going well. In the last several swims, whether in the pool or open water, I am progressively getting faster, and have done three mile swims under 40 minutes. For some that might not seem fast, but that is quite fast for me compared to last year, or even the start of the season.

I have been relaying this information to Coach Erin and she has informed me that I am peaking at the exact right time…I feel good and confident as I go into this triathlon. Well, kind of…I keep having nightmares about my bike and tires going flat. I am HORRIBLE at changing tires and if it happens on the course, I am essentially screwed. But, that’s what nightmares are all about, right? Nightmares are about dealing with your major fears. So, this week I will practice over and over again how to change my tires and go into it knowing that I will do my best to deal with whatever is thrown in my way.

In one week, I will be sitting in my backyard with a margarita and my book, a little bit sore (OK, probably A LOT sore), but quite proud of myself.

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