Swimming for Speed

I was swimming laps yesterday and realized that I don’t know how to swim fast. I realize I took time off my swim from last year’s tri, but now I am training for a sprint triathlon and will only be swimming half a mile. I know I can go the distance, but I want to go the distance faster…this is a sprint. Sprint inherently implies fast – OK, to sprint MEANS to go fast. In swimming distance I didn’t want to go too fast or I would get tired out, so I often held back in the beginning and then let it go the last half. But, I can’t do that with the sprint tri.

So, my goal for the next six weeks while in the pool is increasing my speed and will do this with drills and reteaching my brain that it is OK to push from the very beginning.

I am starting to realize more and more, whether with running, cycling or swimming, or really anything in life, it is all about what we tell ourselves we can and can’t do.

So, I CAN swim fast.

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