Barefoot Running E-Book

Earlier in the summer I read Born to Run and was inspired not only by the running, but the running barefoot. I haven’t started in that direction yet, but often walk barefoot in order to really prep my feet, and to just get out of my shoes. Plus, I want to learn more about it to make sure I am making the correct decision. Anywho, a friend passed the below link along to me.

Apparently this barefoot running guy, Jason Robillard, wrote a book and wants to share it with the world. So, he is offering it free on his blog, and even said “share it with the world.” Well, I know I don’t reach the world here, but maybe one of the few people will click on his link and read his book and become inspired.

Mind you, I haven’t read it yet, but I have heard wonderful things about it.


The Barefoot Running Book

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