I am Athena

I try really hard to focus on how far I have come over the years in terms of the weight I have lost rather than focus on how much more weight I have to lose. However, when competing, I believe that weight really does make a difference. I am a strong athlete, but someone who is 20-30 pounds lighter than me is going to have an easier time climbing a hill…I have more weight to carry – it is a fact. With that in mind, I decided to compete in a different division at the sprint tri I competed in on 1 October – Tri Girl Tri – and entered into the Athena division, which is a division for women weighing 160 pounds or more.

So, instead of competing against people within my age group, I competed in women in my weight division.

I had no idea what to expect, and really went into the day wanting to have a good time – and I did. The weather was perfect – not hot and not cold. The water wasn’t cold and the swim went fairly well and I was pleased with my time. The ride was a great mix of rollers. The run was an out and back with a little uphill followed by a little downhill. In the end, I was just so happy to have had a good time, and being done so quickly!

In the end, it turns out I got fourth place! I was so pleased with that. I also did very well overall, and finished in the top third of all athletes. Of course, seeing what the difference between times were, the competitor immediately started thinking what I could have changed to have done better.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war and justice. I am Athena.

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