Personal Best

The Personal Best – the Personal Record – it was what everyone strives for when they participate in running events. I ran the Wine Country Half Marathon last weekend, and while I didn’t go into this event with the outward/stated goal of hitting my Personal Best,  secretly I thought I could do it. I was SURE I would be able to beat my time from last year by at least a couple of minutes.

The weather was perfect. It was cool, but not cold. The sun actually never came out, but it didn’t detract from the beautiful scenery I passed while running. Really, it was perfect running weather.

Throughout the run I felt strong. I maintained the pace I was aiming for (of course, slowed down a bit at the end). My form felt strong, my legs never faltered (until arch pain entered around mile 11, but a stretch and I was back running). It was a great run. I felt sure I was going to hit my PERSONAL BEST during this event (I had done just that the year before on this exact course).

So, imagine my surprise when I didn’t. I didn’t beat my time. In fact, my time was almost seven minutes slower than the previous year on the same course. I was truly surprised when I crossed the line. How could this be? I really felt strong – I felt good. And then I realized, that was it. It wasn’t about my time – who cares about time unless you are trying to win? It was about feeling good. It was about feeling strong and consistent throughout the event. It was about staying positive throughout the event, which is something I have always struggled with.

The Wine Country Half Marathon may not have been my personal best for time, but it really was one of my personal best for events. This was truly an event when it wasn’t about the end point, but about the journey to get to that end point…that was what mattered.

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