I Got a Fancy Phone and a Fancy New Attitude

So, since the CIM I have done two long runs – over 13 miles. The first, a couple weekends ago was 15 miles. I kept telling myself it was only two more than what I had just done, so should be a piece of cake. It wasn’t easy, but it was a little cake-like.

I have a goal in mind for the marathon – I have a stated goal (five hours or less) and a realistic goal (beat my time from my first marathon). With that goal, I have a training pace zone to stay within. I completed my 15 mile run within the zone, and while I was quite pleased with it, I had to walk a little bit so was a wee bit disappointed. However, I had my fancy new phone with me and took some pictures of the beautiful views during that run:


I believe this is Sonoma Mountain

Pretty Trees in Penngrove


I feel very fortunate to run where I run. I say this all the time, only because I really mean it.

On my run last weekend, I had my fancy phone, using iMaymyrun to track my distance and time and pace…I kept checking it, a little confused because according to the fancy feedback, I was running faster than I had last time, and felt better. It was this feeling better while running faster that was a little confusing to me. Usually when I run faster it is harder, but last weekend wasn’t the case. AND, I never had to walk! That was the biggest surprise to me. I guess that even while I am telling people they can do it and really believing it, I have never really thought it about myself. I have never really thought, “I can really do this.” Not only did I do the 14 miles, but I improved my time tremendously from the 15 miles I previously ran.

I love my fancy phone that tracks my route and gives me instant feedback and allows me to take pictures that can actually be removed from the phone. But, more than that, I love my fancy new attitude – an attitude that is going to take me far.

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3 Responses to I Got a Fancy Phone and a Fancy New Attitude

  1. JoAnn Crohn says:

    Great run! I love that feeling when I am faster and it feels do-able.

  2. Fab photos! I’m so in awe that you run and feel good about it!! Usually when I run it hurts!! LOL!! I want to start running this year, once the rain isn’t quite so bad, and I shall be using you as my inspiration! 🙂

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