I am that strong

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. – Friedrich Nietzsche

When I trained for my first marathon, I never even considered running the entire thing. From the first thought of doing it, I was going to run/walk it because, in my very own words, “I am just not strong enough to run the whole thing.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the run/walk combination, however, this time I am doing it differently and proving myself wrong every running-step of the way.

On Saturday I completed 18.41 miles without walking, and only “stopping” to re-fuel and get water. There were several times throughout the run when I wanted to walk, but I didn’t stop. One thing that helped me was thinking about my friend, Amanda, who recently had surgery to remove cancer tumors from her spine, shoulder and ankle. She was in surgery for 10 hours and went into cardiac arrest…she came out like the fighter she is. Around mile 13.5, when I really wanted to walk, I started thinking about Amanda and how strong she is. It isn’t just her strength in getting through her surgery, it is her strength in her battle with cancer. Seriously, this girl is not letting anything take her quietly into the night – she will fight and live her life to the fullest every step of the way – Amanda is pure strength.

So, I thought to myself, “I may not be Amanda strong, but I can be strong like Amanda in my own way, because I am that strong.” And, that is what I told myself the rest of the way, “I am that strong.”

When I was talking to my friend the other night about finishing 18.41 miles without walking he asked me what was different. What is different is me. I finally and honestly believe that I am that strong.

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