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Always Learning

I am a teacher. I like to aim people in the direction of knowledge. I am also a learner. I am constantly learning new things about the world around me and myself. Here is what I learned today… 1. Just … Continue reading

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Athletic Soles

I went for my first run since being sick. Luckily it was in my new New Balance Minimus shoes, so it was short. I am not feeling 100% yet, but I have to say that running in my new shoes was awesome! It is amazing how quickly the body can shift. I am already striding better than I was in regular tennis shoes, and there was no heel pain afterwards! 

Most of my memories as a kid, teenager and even adult are flashed before my eyes with me being barefoot, so this seemed like an easy decision. However, it wasn’t a decision taken lightly. I have been going back and forth about it for some time, but after my recent injury and realization that my foot always feels better after not wearing shoes for a period of time, I have decided to give it a go. One run down and I am pleased with my decision. 

Thank you to Monica from Athletic Soles for helping me out and letting me try on all the minimal options before deciding on my pretty, pretty shoes!Image

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I hear you already!

Dear Body, When I was hurt during the Napa Marathon, I ignored you and finished running the marathon…I heard your upset about that loud and clear when I took off my shoe and couldn’t walk. I heard you telling me … Continue reading

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A Deliciously Plump Seal

I did it. I got in the ocean this morning! Well, it was the bay, but it was salty and water from the ocean, so close enough. It was crazy exciting and scary. I wasn’t worried about the temperature, as … Continue reading

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First Bay Swim – 9 April 2012


All set to get in.

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It isn’t always about the result

Just before heading to Utah to visit family and go skiing, I was complaining to my Weight Watchers leader that downhill skiing wasn’t in the activity guide on my phone app (wow, that was kind of a confusing sentence) and … Continue reading

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