It isn’t always about the result

Just before heading to Utah to visit family and go skiing, I was complaining to my Weight Watchers leader that downhill skiing wasn’t in the activity guide on my phone app (wow, that was kind of a confusing sentence) and I wanted to know how many points I was going to earn while skiing. She looked at me and said, “you aren’t allowed to worry about points while skiing. Just go out there and have fun.”

For those of you that don’t know, I am a goal-oriented, results kind of girl. When I started really exercising, it was to help me lose weight and then I started training for things, and now that is what I do: I train for races – I don’t just go out for a run for the heck of it; I don’t go out for leisurely bike rides, and I don’t frolic in the water. Yes. I ski cause it is fun, but I want to EARN activity points! Even though I like doing all of those things,  I have to have a reason to do them.

So, I took Adrienne’s advice and I didn’t worry about my activity points while I was skiing. I just focused on having a good time and taking in the beauty around me. And beauty abounded! We had a great time. I wasn’t worried about if I was working hard enough. I wasn’t worried about the outcome of anything except making it down the mountain in one piece.

I simply enjoyed the day with my husband. The only finish line I had to worry about was the line to get a delicious beverage when we were finished skiing.

Me drinking a rare beer. (Vodka is hard to come by in Utah)










This new found realization that I don’t always have to have a goal and don’t always have to be training for something to get out there and do it is why I am so excited about the launch of the new Nimble Running Club. It isn’t about training for anything. The club is about bringing together like-minded women to run in the beautiful areas we have in Sonoma (and even sometimes Marin) County. I am excited because we are setting it up so anyone can come and do whatever distance they want to do. I love it because I don’t have to do any designated mileage – I can do what I feel like doing that day. I can truly listen to my body telling me whether 5, 10 or 15 miles is the distance for the day.

I am also excited about it because women who want to start running will get the chance to get out there without feeling any pressure to be training for something. They can first just do it and learn to love the way their bodies feel after completing a run; the way their minds feel at peace as they walk down the Bear Valley Trail in Olema, and the way their spirits feel after having spent time with women who inspire, motivate and support them through each step they take.

It isn’t always about the result – It is about just getting out there and doing something for the fun of it.

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