I hear you already!

Dear Body,

When I was hurt during the Napa Marathon, I ignored you and finished running the marathon…I heard your upset about that loud and clear when I took off my shoe and couldn’t walk. I heard you telling me I needed a break from running. I heard you and I listened and took three weeks off, only swimming and riding the spin bike, even though it killed me to not run. So, after taking that time off why did you feel it necessary to put me in the ER with an ovarian cyst that hurt worse than childbirth?

It was four days before I was supposed to run a leg in the Oakland Marathon, and while I felt better the day of the race, I honored my condition and didn’t run…I continued taking time off from running and taking it easy. I recovered and started running again. It felt so good, my dear body, to be out there. I was taking it easy, not pushing myself too hard. I was just running and enjoying myself, so why, dear body, did you feel it necessary to make me so sick I was sure I was dying?

I know. I know. I am being a little dramatic, but damn! was I sick. Why, dear body, did you feel it necessary to contract the flu the week the running club was to kick off? I woke up on Saturday (the inaugural run for the Nimble Running Club) feeling better than I had all week, only to realize it didn’t matter – I still had to miss the run.

With each injury and illness, friends have said, “it is your body telling you that you need time off.” I have learned my lesson. I realize that for a year I didn’t take any time off – I went from tri training to marathon training without a break…I just kept (and keep) moving from one thing to the next, not giving myself time off physically or mentally. I KNOW I need to take that time off. So, my dear friend, my dear body, I have listened and I will take time off. I would rather take time off when I choose instead of being forced to take time off because I am injured or sick.

I hear you already! Please stay healthy and I promise I will take time off and not do too much.

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