Always Learning

I am a teacher. I like to aim people in the direction of knowledge. I am also a learner. I am constantly learning new things about the world around me and myself.

Here is what I learned today…

1. Just doing something once really makes the second time that much easier.

2. Swimming in choppy water is doable, but not really that much fun.

3. No amount of water quenches a thirst after you have swallowed salt water. I seriously can’t get this thirsty feeling to go away.

4. I can swim away from the shore and still be OK. (I swam further away from the shore this time and didn’t get that panicked feeling when I couldn’t touch.)

5. You really don’t need to pay $6.50 just to have somewhere to put on your wetsuit, or change after swimming. It makes things easier and it is much nicer being able to take a shower after being in the bay, but not necessary.

6. My friend Erin is AMAZING. I found myself watching her swim so powerfully through the water more than actually swimming. I want to be as confident as her in the water one day.

Just like opening a book, watching a documentary, sitting in a classroom, going for a run or a ride, I know that each time I go out into the water I am going to break a personal barrier and learn something new about myself and my abilities, and the world around me. I will continue to do the things I do because I never want to stop learning.

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2 Responses to Always Learning

  1. tonie quigley says:

    Love this~ all so very true~ thanks for the encouragement ~

  2. Angela says:

    This is great Stacie!

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